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Egg Timer (2010)

Egg Timer (2010)

“Egg Timer” is a performance piece about the fragmented body: three bodies that all belong to one, and at the same time have a separate life of their own. They are connected to one another with a rope, imprisoned by each other’s presence and attached to one another through the same connecting tissues – a rope tied around their torso, hands, and legs. The rope is a noose for their bodies which does not immediately suffocate them from their throats, but suffocates their bodies, confines their being, freedom, and their motions. The three characters together portray one fragmented body, in which various actions happen through the bodies of different characters. The characters simultaneously perform different actions with different rhythms, pulling and pushing one another, and impact each other’s motions.

The first character is brushing her teeth with whip-cream and spitting into a bowl (fish-bowl) full of water with a clock inside, while smiling all along at the spectator. The second character is an egg-like body, a white bundle with an unknown identity and an intense potentially, which gradually turns into a human, a being with organs. And the third character is a body climbing up a ladder in an extreme slow motion to touch her illusion of the moon. Using rhythmical dance-like simple movements to push the limit of human flesh and skin, in addition to contrasting and yet satirical images, sounds, and gestures, this piece explores a Deleuzian violence of sensation through the medium of performance, by acting directly and instantaneously upon the nervous system of the spectator.

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