Theater & Performance Art Computer Graphics & Computational Arts Interactive Installation & Digital Performance

Erased (2014)


Technical and Design Specifications:
• Interactive embodied performance using generative algorithms
• Movement-based audiovisual Interaction design interface
• Mapping Kinect depth data as a generative seed for pattern formation algorithms
• Custom-built C++ application, using OpenNI and Libfreenect and graphics libraries
• Projection mapping (using OpenCV library)
• Audio and visual design

Erased is an audio-visual interactive installation which explores the issues of forgetting, fear and destruction. It invites the audience to interact with it by cleaning the floor (a projection surface, which can be either a floor or a wall surface)! When an audience member using different cleaning equipments, from a broom to a mop, a rag and his/her hands, cleans the white screen, the screen is wiped off and an image emerges out of it. When the audience/participant reveals most of the image, it freezes for a moment and then changes to another concealed image and sound. Additionally, different sound effects and recorded audios amplify the interactive component of the piece. A series of images and sounds together create different fragments, which each tells a story and opens a conversation for a rather concealed issue in our society.

Art Exhibition: 

  • 2014: Contours of Algorithmic Life Conference and Symposium, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA
  • 2014: Media Arts and Technology End of Year Show, UCSB
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