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Gridlock (2012)

Gridlock (2012)

Technical and Design Specifications:
• Interactive installation using generative algorithms
• Movement-based audiovisual Interaction design interface
• Mapping Kinect depth data as a generative seed for pattern formation algorithms (custom-built C++ application, using OpenNI and Libfreenect and graphics libraries)
• Projection mapping (using OpenCV library)
• Audio and visual design

Gridlock is a multimedia performance piece which shows the entrapment, alienation and fragmentation of human body under constant control and surveillance of the system. This piece explores different kinds of interactions between the performers’ bodies and the performance space. By tracing the movement of the performer in the space and applying some pattern generating algorithms, the space responses to the movement of the performers’ body and different patterns of light and dark begin emerging in the space.

Art Exhibition:
• 2012: Media Arts and Technology End of Year Show, UCSB
• 2012: Xenakis Studio, Music Department, UCSB

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