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Hello My Dear (2016)

Hello My Dear

Technical and Design Specifications:
• Design and implementation of a custom-built video-mediated communication interface (using Max/MSP/Jitter)
• Video-based interaction design (with various modes of video liveness)
• Interactive installation, using the video chat application in a local area network
• Application of gamification techniques as a means for data collection (for qualitative and quantitative analysis)

“Hello My Dear” is a durational interactive performance art piece which examines human perception and sensitivity towards detecting the immediacy and relevance of responses in telecommunication. We studied participant interactions in our participatory performance piece, and sought to quantify the participants’ ability to correctly identify whether or not they were interacting with live or recorded video streams when presented with a sequence of both stimuli. This performance explores the new dynamics of human interaction in video-based communication and the significance of the co-presence of another human on the other end. This piece was inspired by and created based on the results of the performance piece, “The Body is Present?”(2015). It was exhibited at a few symposia, including CHI Interactivity 2016, San Jose Convention Center, and the annual exhibition of Media Arts and Technology program, CNSI, UCSB, in 2016.

Paper Publication: 

Sajadieh, Sahar. “Touch Me Here: A Virtual Touch Cinema.” In Proceedings of the 25th ACM international conference on Multimedia, pp. 562-564. ACM, 2017.

Art Exhibition: 

  • 2017: ACM Multimedia Exhibition, Mountain View, CA
  • 2017: Selected for exhibition at International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2017, Manizales, Colombia
  • 2017: TransLAB, Media Arts and Technology, UCSB
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