Computer Graphics & Computational Arts Poetry

My AI or I? Machine’s Moon Poetry

My AI or I?

These poems are generated by the neural network that I trained using my collection of poetry with the subjects of moon, sky, night, love, life, death, and beauty.

I drink the blissful moon
That never leaves

The smile on your face

I drink the dose of night
Time has turned
Into Love with Milk and Sugar
A small garden
For you and I


I can pick your poison
From the pit
Breathing air
through straws


I wish one day
All the little blazes
The storm
The root of
The curse
Of his world
can all die
And drink the rain
By splashing
A little moon
Across the sky
As if glides
Across the windows
In my quarantine

I made a wish, closed my eyes
And blew so hard
that it would pass through my hair

The shape of my wish
citadels smile

I wanted one little puff
Friday night
when i jumped rope and ate oranges in the alley


She came in a red polka-dot dress
with blue woolen hair,
looking like the lines
on the forehead of papa


I drink the slug
Mushroom a.k.a. The Lime Jar

I build the Jar
From the bottom of the sea
In the fall of a leaf
In the pitch-dark pond
The frog was lost
In the trembling moon

You can pick the poison
The wishful thinking
That you have hidden
In the motions of my lungs
The growling from the ventilator
In the pitch-dark silence of the tank


And maybe a bite
Not much
And maybe a bend
In the width of the street
Remains a part of my childhood Where i was thrown
Before I knew it, i had the voice of a monster
Whose hands im scared of
Whose hands im scared of

I want one breath

One breath in space
for im with you
in the time between i put the bombs
into the forest

In the fall of a leaf
the monster of night
Whose hands im scared of
Will turn
into flames
And with the sulfur
That makes the clouds

Will turn
into flames
And with the sulfur
Will leave
The smell of darkness
Through the chimney
Or a hole