Theater & Performance Art Poetry Interactive Installation & Digital Performance

Please Keep Your Eyes Closed! (2012)

Please Keep Your Eyes Closed!

Design and Technical Specification:
• Sound editing using Reaper and Audacity
• Multi-channel surround sound installation using Pro Tools, Reaper
• Spatial audio interactive performance

“Please keep your eyes closed!” is a multi-channel spatial audio performance experimentation with poetry in Farsi and English, which uses varieties of sound effects to distort the natural flow of words. The performance creates an atmosphere of simultaneous interrogation and seduction, using modified recorded voices and live effects on speech and a performative soundscape with sound poetry. The artwork explores themes related to human suffering, imprisonment, and the seductive abuse of human in our modern societies. The audience is blind-folded throughout the performance. In creating this piece, I have used a poem, When the Moon Went Beyond the Night, from a book of poetry by my father, Amir-Hossein Sajadieh, called “The Songs of Prison”, which I have translated into English and has been published in a bilingual edition, in English and Farsi, in 2018.

Art Exhibition:
• 2012: Media Arts and Technology End of Year Show, UCSB
• 2012: Xenakis Studio, Music Department, UCSB

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