Computer Graphics & Computational Arts

Self-Portrait Series (2021)

Self-Portrait Series

These images and videos are the artist’s self-portrait series created using live coding with Hydra in the browser. Hydra is a platform for live coding visuals, in which each connected browser window can be used as a node of a modular and distributed video synthesizer. Using coding as a performative medium for self-exploration, this artwork examines the digital mirror of the body in live interaction with visual patterns (developed through modular video synthesis) to create dynamic moving portraits of one’s self.

Choasmosis Series
Self-Portrait I: “Home-Sick”
Self Portrait II: “A Glimpse”
Self Portrait III: “Smell of White Peonies”
Self Portrait IV: “I See You When I Dance in My House of Water”
Self Portrait V: “Watching the Sky In Your Eye”
Self Portrait VI: “Becoming Molecular”