Computer Graphics & Computational Arts Interactive Installation & Digital Performance

[Un]Becoming (2013)


Technical and Design Specifications:
• Movement-based Interaction design interface
• Interactive installation using generative algorithms (Game of life, wave equation, DLA, Reaction Diffusion Algorithms)
• Using Microsoft Kinect depth data with pattern formation algorithms
• Custom-built C++ application, using OpenNI and Libfreenect and graphics libraries (OpenGL, GLUT)

[Un]Becoming is a multimedia interactive performance and installation piece which explores virtual extensions, shadows, and traces of human body on a 2d screen. Participants are invited to move, play, and dance behind a cycloramic canvas in order to sketch and virtually paint on the 2-d surface. They can go through different modes of sketching with their bodies, created using various pattern formation algorithms, and Microsoft Kinect depth data of the bodily silhouettes as the algorithms’ seeds for the shadow puppetry toolkit. For this piece, I have been using and modifying different algorithms such as “Conway’s Game of Life”, “Reaction Diffusion Algorithm”, “Wave and Heat Generating Equations”, and “Diffusion Detection Algorithm”.

background image